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My name is John Kotsoros and I'm a canary breeder who specializes in Norwich, Yorkshires and Parisian Frills. I've been breeding birds for over 20 years. My interest, or should I say my passion for breeding these there types of canaries started after my first visit to a national cage and bird show in Montreal in 1983. However, my real interest in birds began when I was a young boy in Greece, where I was exposed to a wide range of birds . I used to catch and breed goldfinches as well as green finches. A couple of years later, when
I emigrated to Canada, I felt that something was missing, and that something was breeding and housing birds. That's when I decided to purchase a few couple of canaries, in order to breed them .

My first couple of canaries were purchased in 1988, from a excellent breeder and O.M.G. judge, Denis Truchi. With this particular blood line, I won numerous Canadian exhibitions (Montreal – Toronto and the National). Fifteen years later,
I brought in a new blood line form two Belgian breeders : Alain Nottet (Norwich breeder) and Joel Geolf (Yorkshire breeder). After many years of hard work, this year has been the most fulfilling as I won my first Higgins at the 57 th National Cage bird show in Dallas Texas (best type canary), with the Yorkshires. In addition, I also did very well at the Toronto birdshow where I won 1st , 2nd and 3rd best type canary.

John Kotsoros's Bird Room

2008 National Winner from John Kotsoros