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The Seven Best Yorkshires at the 2014 USA National Show
The USA National was held November 20th thru 22nd, 2014 in Dayton, Ohio, U.S.A.
The U.S.A. National show is as big a bird show as it is a social event. It’s a gathering of breeders and people with the same thing in common; bird keeping.  The 3-day event starts by checking in birds on Thursday. The judging starts on Friday morning, and a formal dinner banquet and presentation of awards ends the event on Saturday night. The National is broken up into 18 Divisions consisting of many species and breeds of birds.   The Type Canary Division is where the Yorkshire Canaries are exhibited along with several other types of canaries, all being adjudicated by a single judge. Each type competes for best of its breed in its own Section then against the other breed Sections for the best Type Canaries in Division and the top honor going to the overall Best Champion Type Canary. With many great teams of Yorkshires brought in from all over the country and Canada, this is indeed one of the most competitive of all Divisions.  I believe that the quality of the Yorkshire at the National has improved dramatically in the last 12 years, thanks to a handful of knowledgeable Yorkshire breeders who are breeding some very nice birds. These breeders are also sharing their surplus with many newcomers to the breed. In my opinion, this is good for the fancy and good for the Yorkshire as it attracts younger breeders which helps the fancy grow. 
Yorkshire canary breeder John Kostoros came in from Canada while I drove in from outside Chicago.  Bob Milkowski flew in from New Jersey and John Djakov  as well as Bernard O’Connor came in from New York. Many others came in from other parts of the country and all exhibited super teams from what I could see, making this year’s competition most intense. The exhibitors were all filled with anticipation and excitement as to the outcome of this grand event! 
The Best Yorkshire at this year’s National went to John Kostoros from Canada who exhibited a clear yellow cock which was a quite a nice bird of good position and substance. The 2nd best went to yours truly with a neck-marked buff cock also of very good position, great feather and drive, if I do say so myself. The 3rd best Yorkshire was also mine and was a buff cock which I thought had with great feather, position and were very Golding Model-like. The 4th best Yorkshire went to Bob Milkowski with a variegated yellow, nice bird with good position and substance.  The 5th best Yorkshire was exhibited by me and was a light variegated buff cock which I thought had great feather, position and shape. The 6th best bird was exhibited by Bob Milkowski and a over-year yellow hen of great feather, position and a real credit to Bob’s program. The 7th best Yorkie was a wonderful white cock bred by John Kostoros from Canada and was a great bird of superb substance and roundness. It was one of the best white Yorkshires exhibited in quite a while.  
I’d like to congratulate all the other winners who exhibited their gorgeous birds. Now let’s move on to the 2015 breeding season as the National Cage-Bird Show is just around the corner!!