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                                 YORKSHIRE CANARY CLUB OF AMERICA



  Fall 2015



  I hope everyone is doing well. I write this newsletter to connect with all of you and to let you know that I look forward to seeing you all at the shows. I want to take the time and reflect on the good, the bad and the ugly. I know this sounds like a title for a western but I feel that this also represents our hobby and more specifically the Yorkshire club and the NCBS relationship.


  I want to start with the good and I want to thank all the members for your support in keeping the wonderful Yorkshire canary going strong. I would also like to say a special thanks to the members that have gone above and beyond with their generosity and positive thoughts to help the Yorkshire club and our hobby. Forgive me if I missed anyone however I would like to recognize these donations from: Arthur Medirios   $ 50.00; Viorel Moise   $ 50.00; Tony Giomar   $ 112.00 and Tony Ruiz $118.35 -paid for trophy and ribbons. In addition to the monetary support, I also want to thank all the members for the moral support in promoting the bird hobby and more specifically the Yorkshire Canary.


Regarding the bad and the ugly, I know many of you are already aware of the behaviors, antics and shenanigans of some of the board members. I feel that the YCCA has been treated as the red headed step child for too long. No offense meant for anyone that has or has been a red headed step child. I am trying to add some humor to a gross display of favoritism and lack of fairness. The board is a democratic committee that we voted in to represent us. Lately, they have neglected their duty to represent any interests of the YCCA. For this reason, our voices need to be heard at the board meeting that we will not stand for the judging arrangements and hallway deals that have went on year after year, the favoritism shown to other clubs and rules and regulations that seem to bend for some and not others. We as a club can voice our opinion with our nominations and votes for someone that will represent us, with our birds by showing over 100 birds so that we can earn our own division and with our voice at the meeting. I hope I am not being too direct or demanding but I am rather asking for your continued help to make our club great, promote our birds and allow our voice to be heard.


  Like most western movies, I hope there is a happy ending in all of this. I want to wish everyone all the best for the upcoming show season and look forward to seeing you all with your birds. Just a reminder that our meeting will be held Saturday by the front desk in front of Division 3 at the National.


Sincerely yours

Jonel Djakov